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Jacqueline Scuvée-Moreau


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Sébastien Dilly, Jacqueline Scuvée-Moreau, Johan Wouters, Jean-François Liégeois The 5-HT1A agonism potential of substituted-piperazine-ethyl-amide derivatives is conserved in the hexyl homologues: molecular modeling and pharmacological evaluation in Journal of Chemical Information and Modeling 51, 2961-2966, 2011

F Mangin, S Dilly, B Joly, J Scuvée-Moreau, J Evans, V Setola, B Roth, J-F Liégeois. Moderate chemical modulations of WAY100635 improve the selectivity for 5-HT1A versus D4 receptors Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 22, 4550-4554, 2012


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