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Belgium's got talent 2021

Jellina Prinsen
The Belgium’s Got Talent Prize  2021 was awarded to 

  • Jellina Prinsen, KU Leuven 

    To mirror or not to mirror upon perceived eye contact? A neurophysiological perspective on interpersonal motor resonance.

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Publications Thesis 2020-21 : 
  • Giovanni Briganti, UMons

    NetworkPsychiatry Investigating models of mental constructs and disorders with complex systems and Bayesian Artificial Intelligence 
    >> See this link

  • Sullivan Fontesse, UCLouvain

    Dehumanization in severe alcohol use disorder Identification of its relations with patients’ emotions, cognitions, behaviors, mental health, and clinical prognosis
    >> See this link
  • Stephanie Vanderdonck, KU Leuven

    Facing emotions. Towards a better understanding of automatic facial expression processing mechanisms in typical and atypical populations - 1/9/2020
    >> See the link

  • Jeroen Van Dessel, KU Leuven

    The neural signature of delay aversion in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder - 1012/2020
    >> See this link

  • Livia De Picker , UA

    A Different State of Mind. State-associated inflammatory changes in psychotic illness. Promotoren B Sabbe, M Morrens). 14/01/2020
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