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BBC Webinar: Impact of COVID-19 on brain disorders and mental health.

BBC Webinar: “ Impact of COVID-19 on brain disorders and mental health.”

SATURDAY September 11, from 10 :00 to 11:30



Online connexion: The webinar will be bilingual FR/NL with 3 channels (one FR, one NL and one without translation) interactive with Slido and moderated by Vanessa Costanzo



·         Pr. Patrice Boyer, Psychiatrist, European Brain Council vice-president[1] 5 min

Part 1: Impact of COVID-19 on mental health in the general population

o   Impact of the covid-19 pandemic on mental health in youths.

Pr. Fabienne Glowacz (ULiège), Psychologist -Service de psychologie Clinique de la délinquance. 10 min

o   Mental health during the covid-19 pandemic and beyond: the importance of the vagus nerve for biopsychosocial resilience.

Dr. Marie-Anne Vanderhasselt (UGent), Psychologist - Department of Head and Skin 10 min

Debate 1 + Q/A 10 min


Part 2: Impact of COVID-19 on patients 20 min

VPP (Vlaamse Patienten Platform) approach by Eline Bruneel

LUSS (Ligue des usagers de santé) approach by Sabine Corachan

Video testimony of 2 patients: Françoise Malvaux and Luc Swenters

Patients casting was done by the organizing committee

Part 3: Long COVID-19 (o Post-Acute Sequelae of sars—Cov-2 PASC)

·         The neurobiological basis of covid-19-induced long-lasting neurological symptoms.
Prof Paul Boon (UZGent), Neurologist – Department of Neurology (10 min)

·         Therapeutic perspectives for the “long-covid” syndrome
Pr. Paul Verbanck (ULB), Psychiatrist – Department of Psychiatry (10 min)

Debate 2 + Q/A (on line) with Federal Health Minister Frank Vandenbroucke (tbc) 10 min




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